The New Body Contouring Device From Rohrer Aesthetics For  Effective and Comfortable Non-Invasive Laser Lipolysis


BodySculp is a nonsurgical body-contouring treatment that uses diode-laser energy to permanently destroy stubborn fat cells. The treatment is popular for reducing unwanted fat —especially among people who want to avoid a more invasive liposuction procedure.


The BodySculp Laser lipolysis system is intended for non-invasive lipolysis of the flank and abdomen to achieve disruption of adipocyte cells intended for non-invasive aesthetic use to achieve a desired aesthetic affect. This treatment is intended for individuals with a Body Mass Index(BMI) of 30 or less



Non-Surgical Procedure After Injectable 


of consumer are bothered by excess weight on any part of the body


of patients are men 1


from 2017- 2018 non-surgical fat reduction grew

4- diode laser applicators

1060 nm diode laser

Touch Screen Control Display

BodySculp features four diode laser applicators, which deliver laser energy that effectively penetrates into the hypodermis to target adipose tissue without harming the skin’s surface.

The disrupted fat cells are then eliminated through the body’s natural lymphatic system, resulting in fat reduction. Each diode laser applicator is equipped to achieve lipolysis as effectively, safely, and comfortably as possible for the patient.

How Does it WORK?

  1. Optical radiation at wavelength of 1060 nm
  2. Optical energy is absorbed in the subcutaneous layer and water in the tissue is heated, affecting adipose tissue
  3. Absorbed energy combined with extended heating cycles, creates heat in the targeted subcutaneous fat
  4. Temperatures in targeted tissues become elevated to the range of 42-46oC
  5. During exposure, the fat cycles cells cannot survive and begin their natural demise known as apoptosis
  6. Thermal lipolysis is induced
  7. Damaged adipocytes will be absorbed and removed gradually by the body’s inflammatory process. Volume in the treatment area therefore
    will decrease.
  8. Additional exporsure will repeat this process.


BodySculp includes 4 applicators, allowing you to offer up to four different, complementary treatments in your practice: 1060 nm diode laser applicators (x4)

  • Non-invasive lipolysis of the abdomen and bflanks



  • Tissue contact sensors
  • Internal temperature sensors
  • Sapphire plates
  • Cools skin down to 14oC
  • 36 cm2( a little over 14”) treatment area
  • Up to 1.7 W/cm2 power density


The number of adipocyte cells stays stable in adulthood

Typically, when weight is lost or gained, it is caused by a fluctuation in the size of the adipocyte cells.


The BodySculp’s laser energy penetrates the skin and heats only the fat cells (not other body tissue) until they’re too damaged to survive.

Over the coming days and weeks, the body flushes them out through the lymphatic system.

Patients should start seeing results within two – six weeks, with full results visible in three months.


Visceral Fat

  • Internal fat that surrounds the organs

Subcutaneous Fat

  • “Pinchable” fat just under the skin, in the hypodermis
  • Exists on top of the muscle layer

The ideal patient for BodySculp has an inch of pinchable, subcutaneous fat


Skin Surface IMPACT cooling

  1. Laser applicator placed on skin
  2. Surface of skin chilled during treatment
  3. Optical radiation at wavelength of 1060nm
  4. Optical energy absorbed deep in subcutaneous fat while
    heat is constantly removed from the surface of the skin

FAT IMPACT heating

  1. Laser applicator placed on skin
  2. Optical radiation at wavelength of 1060nm
  3. Laser energy being absorbed in subcutaneous tissue, combined with extended heating cycles, creates heat in the target fat layer
  4. Temperatures in target tissues elevate to range of 42-46oC
  5. Catabolic activity of fat cells due to thermal stimulation of adipose tissue (thermally induced lipolysis)
  6. Some fat cells are unable to survive temperatures, and begin process of apoptosis

BodySculp Benefits


1060 nm diode laser technology for
non-invasive lipolysis

Zero Usage FEE Per Treatment

No per treatment cost to the provider
The profit you make is yours to keep

High PATIENT Comfort

No per treatment cost to the provider
The profit you make is yours to keep

High PATIENT Comfort

BodySculp has a high comfort rating because of:

  • Skin contact cooling
  • Uniform energy distribution

The uniform power density distribution, creating more uniform heating in the tissue

Combined with the built-in cooling, this leads to a comfortable patient experience and avoids hot spots

These laser treatments are relatively quick, with no downtime, so patients can go back to work (or even hit the gym) right away, without anyone knowing you’ve done it.


Zero USAGE Fees

Question: “Had Coolsculpting done and blown away by the price my Dr was charging! If this is being touted as an alternative to lipo then why is the cost almost the same? Two large areas @ $1500 and four @ $750 = $6000 is insane. If I understand correctly this machine only freezes the fat so I cannot understand the justification in the costs.
The nurse came in the room, attached the suction and walked out the door for an hour, what am I paying $6000 for? At least with lipo the Dr is actually doing work!”

A: Coolsculpting is a great new technology and it has a cost

Coolsculpting is a great technology for freezing the fat and reducing a bulge with a non-invasive painless way. The actual technology and benefits considering the patient has no surgery and no down-time are remarkable. The coolsculpting company actually sets the cost of the machine, the adaptors, the yearly service warranty, and the individual card that must be purchased for each patient. All total it can cost a practice $200,000 to set up the machine without even mentioning the cost of the office, the staff, etc.

BodySculp is one of the few non-invasive lipolysis devices in the industry with zero consumable or usage fees, per treatment

Treatment CYCLE

25-minute treatment cycle

Heating cycles are divided into Build and Sustain:

  • Build: four minutes of building temperature to get target tissue to desired level
  • Sustain: 21 minutes of sequenced exposure to maintain the temperature achieved in the target tissue, after Build mode is complete


  • May feel very cold
  • Patients may sense, cramping, itchiness tingling, mild burning, or pressure


  • Tissue will start to feel warm
  • Sometimes subjects will notice the cycle of the laser turning on and off

Cramps and any deeper discomfort will subside as patient becomes accustomed to heating/cooling cycle

Before and After Photos

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