Migraines are recurring headaches that often lead to moderate and severe pain. If you experience migraines often, you know the throbbing or pulsing sensation that can make it difficult for you to enjoy your day and lead a fulfilling life. 

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, effective way to reduce migraines, full body cryotherapy may be a good option. Here’s a closer look at what full body cryo treatments are and how they work.

What is Full Body Cryotherapy?

At Novique Medical Aesthetics, we are pleased to utilize CRYO Science Arctic, one of the most effective full-body cryotherapy chambers to ever exist. During a cryotherapy session, you can expect your body to be exposed to liquid nitrogen and temperatures between -170 to -270 degrees fahrenheit. 

This liquid nitrogen will be compressed in a sauna and released as vapor in the air. To protect your body, you’ll wear socks, slippers and gloves. You’ll find that the extreme cold causes the blood from the surface of your skin and joints to make its way to your major organs.

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How Does Full Body Cryo Reduce Migraines

While sitting in an extremely cold chamber may not seem like it would help your migraines, full body cryo can actually reduce them significantly. Here’s why: A major cause of migraines is the expansion of blood vessels in the neck. The extreme cold helps constrict migraines and allows them to appear less frequently. Research has shown that when the neck is exposed to cryotherapy on a regular basis, chronic migraine sufferers can find relief.

Good Candidates for Full Body Cryotherapy

If you suffer from chronic migraines and are looking for a safe, effective solution that does not require medication or surgery, it’s well worth your time to try full body cryo. In addition to improving your migraines, it can heal your muscles, accelerate weight loss, and give you more energy. We do not recommend this treatment if you are under 18, pregnant, or living with high blood pressure, heart or lung problems, or severe anemia.

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