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The reality is that fine lines and wrinkles will appear on your face, even if you take great care of your skin and stay away from the sun. When your face is full of wrinkles, lines, and creases, you may feel insecure and appear older than you really are. The good news is that you can rejuvenate your skin, thanks to a popular non-surgical treatment known as BOTOX®.
Botox | skin care | Novique Medical Aesthetics | Doylestown, PA

BOTOX® is an FDA-approved muscle relaxer and is now one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. It is derived from a bacteria that temporarily blocks nerve activity in the treatment site. Once injected, BOTOX® blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle so that the injected muscle can no longer contract, causing wrinkles to soften and relax. In addition, BOTOX® is only injected in small, targeted doses to treat fine lines and wrinkles. It can also prevent wrinkles in younger patients who may want to think about their wrinkles ahead of time. BOTOX® may be just what you need to restore your beauty and confidence. 

This simple, exceptional procedure has an outstanding safety record when performed by trained professionals. Based on a report provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 7 million patients were treated with Botulinum Toxin Type A in 2018. Though generally safe, pregnant women should seek medical advice from healthcare professionals before getting their next BOTOX® session. 

BOTOX® Treatment

BOTOX® is typically injected into the “crow’s feet” lines around the eye area and between the eyebrows, in the forehead lines crow, along the frown lines, and above the lips. An expert provider at Novique Medical Aesthetics will design a customized BOTOX® treatment plan that’s tailored to your unique aesthetic goals.

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Botox | skin care | Novique Medical Aesthetics | Doylestown, PA

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Am I a Good Candidate For a Botox?

You may be a good candidate for botox:
  • If you are in good general health and are over 18.
  • If you are bothered by dynamic wrinkles (such as frown lines, crow’s feet, upper lip lines, bunny lines, and forehead creases).
  • If you are experiencing excessive underarm, hand or feet sweating.
  • If you have TMJ pain or tension.

How Long Does a Typical Treatment Take?

The BOTOX® injection process typically takes about 15 minutes, making BOTOX® the perfect lunchtime treatment.

What Results Will I See?*

Patients treated with BOTOX often see:
  • A younger, more refreshed appearance.
  • Smoother dynamic facial wrinkles.
  • If you are experiencing excessive underarm, hand or feet sweating.
  • Three to four months of anti-aging benefits.

To maintain results, most patients receive their BOTOX® treatments every 4-6 months. Many people will plan their treatments around the holidays or before certain social events to make sure their results are optimal for those important moments.

Is There Any Downtime?

One of the greatest benefits of BOTOX® is that it comes with virtually no downtime. After a BOTOX® treatment, you can immediately return to work and other everyday activities. You may experience some side effects of BOTOX® like pain or redness at the injection site, but they are usually temporary and go away within a few days. Allergic reactions from a BOTOX® treatment are unlikely, but you are advised to seek medical help right away if it occurs.

“Jackie is amazing! She helped me tremendously when I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy and it left my mouth very unsymmetrical. She’s been doing my injections ever since, and she is over the top with patient education, aftercare, and she is unbelievably talented! The entire staff was amazing, and it is such a warm and welcoming team of amazing ladies! ❤️”

– Ashley, Facebook


“I can still frown and look surprised which is really important to me except I can do it now with fewer creases between my brows”

– Sabrina

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