IV Therapy and IM Injections

Improve Your Overall Health and Wellness

You can take the very best supplements and still not achieve optimal health and wellness. This is because your body only absorbs 20 to 30% of the vitamins found in an oral supplement. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for oral supplements because there’s a better option.

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With IV therapy and IM injections, your body can absorb 100% of vitamins as well as minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that may lead to increased energy, healthier skin, hair, and nails, stronger immunity, improved memory, and a variety of other benefits. IV therapy is the fastest, most effective way to rapidly replenish your health and revitalize your entire body by optimizing your vitamin, mineral and nutrient levels.

Introducing the ingredients directly into your system allows for optimal absorption by your body because you bypass your digestive system. You can also jump-start your metabolism, alleviate symptoms of migraine and headaches, slow the aging process, break down fat, boost athletic performance and speed up exercise recovery, “late night out” hangover relief, high dose Vitamin C chelation therapy, improve healing processes, decrease stress and anxiety and aid your body in processing nutrients more effectively. These injections may be just what you need to ensure your body performs at its peak.

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IV Therapy and IM Injections Treatment

Every treatment contains a carefully calculated, highly concentrated combination of vitamins based on parenteral micronutrient therapy science. These treatments contain all-natural, bio-identical vitamins, supplements, and nutrients that can be found naturally in our bodies and in organic foods that are part of a balanced diet.

All IV Therapy and IM Injections are performed by experienced registered nurses overseen by our Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine specialist, Dr. Gene Levinstein, to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your treatment. When you arrive for your treatment, you can expect our expert providers at Novique Medical Aesthetics administer 100% absorbable formulation directly into your bloodstream to insert the formula into your vein with a needle while you’re sitting in a comfortable chair. It’ll be a similar experience to getting your blood drawn. You can relax, read, or use a tablet or phone while your body is infused directly with the vitamins and nutrients.

While you can safely receive these treatments every 3 to 4 days, the frequency we recommend will depend on your particular wellness goals.

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Consultations Are Available Now

Take the first step. Get your questions answered and find out which treatment options are best for you by meeting with our expert providers at Novique Medical Aesthetics for an in-person consultation.

Simply fill out the form on this page, and one of our experienced team members will reach out to you promptly to schedule your consultation.

Am I a Good Candidate For IV Therapy and IM Injections?

You may be a good candidate for IV therapy and IM injections:

  • If you want to boost athletic performance.
  • If you hope to recover as quickly as possible from surgery.
  • If you would like to improve the overall appearance of your skin, hair, and nails.
  • If you often feel fatigued and are longing for more energy.
  • If you are sick and would like to feel better.
  • If you would like to improve your gut health.
  • If you hope to boost your metabolism and support weight loss.
  • If you are interested in turning back the clock and reducing signs of aging
  • If you are interested in chelation therapy of removing toxic substances from your body
  • If you are interested in hydration therapy
  • If you suffer from migraines
  • If you need hangover recovery

Is There Any Downtime?

Since there is no downtime with IV therapy and IM injections, you are free to resume work and your other daily activities immediately after treatment.

What Results Will I See?*

  • Rejuvenated skin.
  • Greater energy.
  • Enhanced athletic performance and improved recovery.
  • Decreased stress and anxiety.
  • Boosted immune system and faster illness recovery.
  • Enhanced metabolism and decreased food cravings.
  • Faster healing.
  • Improved mental function.
  • An enhanced well-being.
  • Greater satiety and feeling full faster.

How Long Does a Typical Treatment Take?

IV therapy and IM injections typically take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. You can receive these treatments during your lunch break.

Take the First Step – Request A Consultation

Please fill out the form on this page to request an in-person consultation and one of our knowledgeable medical staff members at Novique Medical Aesthetics will reach out to you promptly. You can also call our office directly at (267) 899-5020.

Novique Medical Aesthetics serves the Philadelphia, Doylestown, PA, & Bucks County Area.

*Individual Results May Vary*

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