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Full-body cryotherapy is a revolutionary treatment that has grown in popularity with athletes, celebrities, fitness buffs, and everyday people. Using our state-of-the-art chamber, Novique Medical Aesthetics provides patients with a completely safe and comfortable cooling experience that’s proven to improve a variety of physical conditions.

Cryotherapy | skin care | Novique Medical Aesthetics | Doylestown, PA

Cryotherapy involves briefly exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures to promote healing and other therapeutic results. It can help you recover faster, decrease your risk of injuries, reduce soreness in your muscles, provide relief for chronic pain and help improve your overall performance when exercising.

When paired with infrared sauna treatments, cryotherapy can even help you burn calories and meet (or even exceed) your weight loss goals.

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Cryotherapy Treatment

Novique Medical Aesthetics utilizes the CRYO Science Arctic, one of the most effective full-body cryotherapy chambers on the market. During a cryotherapy session, your body will be exposed to liquid nitrogen, which will be compressed in a sauna and released as vapor into the air. You will protect your extremities with socks, slippers, and gloves and can expect temperatures to drop between -170 to -270 degrees Fahrenheit. The extreme cold will cause blood from the surface of your skin, muscle tissue, and joints to flow to your vital organs.

For overall health and wellness, cryotherapy sessions are recommended 1 to 2 times a week. If you are facing injury, inflammation, and/or pains, cryotherapy sessions 2 to 4 times a week is ideal.

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Am I a Good Candidate For  Cryotherapy?

You may be a good candidate for cryotherapy:

  • If you are looking for an effective way to recover and heal your muscles.
  • If you are looking for accelerated weight loss.
  • If you are living with a chronic condition such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia.
  • If you are facing inflammation as a result of an injury.
  • If you’d like to improve your mood and relieve feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • If you’re longing for more energy and less fatigue.
  • If you are looking for a way to relieve chronic migraines.

*Individual Results May Vary*

What Results Will I See?*

Some of the results you may see following cryotherapy include:

  • Reduced pain and inflammation.
  • An improved mood and sense of happiness.
  • Increased energy.
  • Relief from chronic conditions and injuries.
  • Improved muscle strength and function.

How Long Does a Typical Treatment Take?

Believe it or not, a cryotherapy session is only 3-minutes long. You can expect to feel the coldest during the last 30 seconds of the session.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no downtime after a cryotherapy session as it can help you quickly recover from pain, inflammation, mood disorders, and a number of other issues. You will be free to return to work and resume your everyday activities.

Awesome place!! Best staff! State of the art equipment. Did the full body cryo, felt amazing after. I highly recommend!!

Russ, Facebook Review

“Due to severe back pain & my doctor suggested cryotherapy. The results were amazing!”

– Liam Wallace

“It makes me feel better and it helps me recover faster from injuries.”

– Stephen Curry

“Cryotherapy is my favorite tech. It is an extraordinary piece of technology.”

-Tony Robbins

*Individual Results May Vary*

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Please fill out the form on this page to request an in-person consultation and one of our knowledgeable medical staff members at Novique Medical Aesthetics will reach out to you promptly. You can also call our office directly at (267) 899-5020.

Novique Medical Aesthetics serves the Philadelphia, Doylestown, PA, & Bucks County Area.

*Individual Results May Vary*

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