With summer just a month away, it’s time to start thinking about getting your skin ready for the fun-filled summer months. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause a slew of skin issues including wrinkles, sun damage, irregular pigmentation, and rough skin texture. But don’t worry, you can tackle these issues head-on with the perfect skin treatments at Novique for a discounted price. These skincare deals are available to you so you can focus on having fun this summer! 


Diamond Glow $195 After $30 Allē Coupon

For just $195 (after applying the $30 Allē coupon), you can indulge in a premium facial treatment to refresh your skin. The treatment starts with a double cleanse to remove any impurities, followed by an exfoliation step to reveal brighter, smoother skin.

Next, the steam treatment opens up your pores, followed by a rejuvenating treatment mask tailored to your skin issues be it dryness, oiliness, or anything in between. But the Diamond Glow treatment doesn’t stop there. This premium facial also includes oxygen and LED rejuvenation light therapy for better collagen production and overall skin health. 


Diamond & Salt Glow Facial $270 After $30 Allē Coupon

Tired of your skin feeling dull, dry, or uneven? Give your skin the ultimate pampering with our Diamond & Salt Glow Facial offer. 

This luxurious treatment includes salt exfoliation and Diamond Glow, providing deep cleansing and exfoliation for a brighter, smoother complexion. We will also apply ultrasound to help penetrate powerful serums deeper into your skin plus an oxygen infusion to bring your glow back to life. 

Finally, the treatment is topped off with Lightstim LED light therapy to encourage new collagen production and promote overall skin health. With all of these luxurious treatments combined, you’ll leave feeling like you just had a day at the spa!


BBL and Clear & Brilliant Original Or Permea $650

Acne, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, etc. You name it. We all have skin issues. But we have good news for you. We can erase your skin insecurities with our BBL + Clear & Brilliant Original or Permea promo for just $650. 

The BBL treatment targets a host of skin concerns, including sun damage, age spots, and acne, while Clear & Brilliant Original and Permea are perfect for reducing the appearance of pores and erasing fine lines and wrinkles. 

And with the option to add on the neck for $100, and chest or hands for only $125, achieving a more youthful look has never been easier. And because we love to pamper you, this promo also includes an oxygen and healing mask, which will leave your skin feeling refreshed, nourished, and glowing. Promise! 


Morpheus 8 + Evolve Combo

Looking for a way to get rid of excess fat and sagging skin without surgery? Try our Morpheus 8 + Evolve Combo! 

Hold on. Can we really tighten your abdomen and other parts of your body with no surgery involved? Yes, and we are happy to show you the amazing results that our patients have had with their Morpheus 8 + Evolve treatments.

You might be familiar with Morpheus 8 as a facial tightening treatment, but it is also a safe and powerful treatment for full-body resurfacing and tightening. Combine this with Evolve’s fat reduction and skin remodeling effect, you’ll have a more sculpted body without surgery.

Not only are Morpheus 8 and Evolve excellent for skin tightening, but they also encourage new collagen production, leaving you with a smoother abdomen, thighs, or arms. This month, you can get Morpheus 8 for your knees & lower thighs for $800, and your stomach for $800 plus 6 evolve treatments for $195 each.

Injectables Promo

Stopping wrinkles in their tracks and turning back the clock is not that difficult. If you haven’t tried our injectables at Novique, then now is the time to try them.

For a limited time only, buy two syringes of filler and receive $200 OFF, or buy three syringes for just $350. Sculptra is available for just $1,499 for two vials (cannot be banked). We’re also offering a special price on Botox and Dysport – just $12 a unit for 35 units or more, or $11 a unit for 60 units or more. 

You have the option to use them now or bank them for later. It’s up to you! But our injectables promo won’t last forever so better call us today before they’re gone. 


Votiva Package of 3 for Only $1,500

Ladies, we know some of us have issues “down” there. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We are here to help. 

Our Votiva Package is a great solution to your feminine health concerns, including stress incontinence, dryness, and discomfort during sex. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your lady part, don’t worry because Votiva is an all-in-one solution to feminine rejuvenation. We can use Votiva to improve the tightness, muscle tone, and appearance of your lady part. 


Don’t Let These Skincare Deals Go Away. 

We are your partner for looking and feeling confident in your own skin this summer. With these exciting specials, we’d hate it if you missed your chance to avail any of them. So call us to book your appointment or pay us a visit at Novique Medical Aesthetics where we make your beauty and body goals happen. We serve customers all over Philadelphia, Bethlehem, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, & the Bucks County area.