Tired of using countless skincare products and routines that leave no results? LED light therapy in Doylestown, Pennsylvania might be a great option for your skin. Novique utilizes LightStim LED technology. LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode and at Novique we use them to deliver therapeutic rays that allow your body to build new proteins and regenerate skin cells. Put simply, LED light therapy provides the energy needed for skin cells to perform their job optimally.


LED Light Therapy Benefits

Not only is LED Light therapy excellent for your complexion, but it can also reduce inflammation, decrease muscle soreness, help heal wounds, increase blood circulation, and relieve arthritic pain. LED Light treatment can also be used after a patient receives a facial, micro-needling, peels, lasers or injectables.

During an LED light therapy treatment, our expert providers at Novique Medical Aesthetics will use a professional light unit to deliver light waves deep into your skin.

LED light therapy is a completely safe treatment with therapeutic wavelengths that are not damaging. For best results, we recommend a series of 6 treatments scheduled 7 days apart.

Are you interested in LED therapy at Doylestown, Pennsylvania? Are you from surrounding areas like Horsham, Lansdale or Willow Grove? Reach out to Novique Medical Aesthetics to schedule a consultation!