Lose those wrinkles and take years off your face with Botox® injections at Novique Medical Aesthetics at Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Fine lines and wrinkles will appear on your face, even if you take great care of your skin and stay away from the sun. When your face is full of wrinkles, lines, and creases, you may feel insecure and appear older than you really are. The good news is that your skin can be rejuvenated.


Restore Your Appearance with Botox®

BOTOX® is typically injected into the “crow’s feet” area as well as between the eyebrows, in the forehead, along the frown lines, and above the lips. An expert provider at Novique Medical Aesthetics will design a customized BOTOX® treatment plan that’s tailored to your unique aesthetic goals.

During your treatment, an expert provider will use a narrow micro-needle to inject Botox directly into your facial muscles. Once the injections have been made, ice and pressure will be applied to the treated areas to diminish the risk of swelling.

If you’re looking for a quick rejuvenation and pick-me-up, contact Novique Medical Aesthetics in Doylestown, Pennsylvania to schedule a consultation. We also treat patients from surrounding areas like Horsham, Lansdale or Willow Grove.