Replenish and revive your body with NAD+ Therapy at Novique Medical Aesthetics.  NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, which is a coenzyme and derivative of Vitamin B3 and an essential molecule found in every cell of your body.

How NAD+ Therapy Works

NAD+ significantly decreases with age, which can cause chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, substance addiction, muscle pain, a weak immune system and a variety of other chronic conditions. To combat the negative effects of the decrease in this coenzyme, you can receive NAD+ infusions that may help you live a healthier, higher quality of life.

They can assist you in finding relief from depression and anxiety, boost your brainpower, relieve chronic pain, and restore your overall sense of well-being. Along with these benefits, the increased energy efficiency of the additional NAD+ may improve your longevity by assisting your cells to function at their optimal capacity. You may find that NAD+ infusions change your life for the better.

Many of the chronic ailments that human beings suffer from tend to take root when the body is in an energy metabolic deficient cellular environment. The biological techniques for measuring mitochondrial function have become increasingly refined and now more than a hundred diseases have been identified as having a major mitochondrial component.

Certain health conditions are linked with a decrease in the efficiency of the mitochondria and cellular energy processes such as sedentary lifestyle, aging, over-eating, and drug abuse. NAD therapy is used for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Rejuvenate yourself with NAD+ Therapy at Doylestown, Pennsylvania. We also meet the needs of patients from surrounding areas like Horsham, Lansdale or Willow Grove. Reach out to Novique Medical Aesthetics to schedule a consultation!