Novique Medical Aesthetics proudly presents Morpheus 8 by InMode. It takes skin rejuvenation to a whole new level with microneedling combined with radiofrequency (RF) energy.

Cutting Edge Skin Beautifying Technology

Whether you’d like to resolve fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, mild to moderate skin laxity, and/or a rough skin tone, RF microneedling with Morpheus 8 can leave you with the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted.

During an RF microneedling treatment, one of our expert providers at Novique Medical Aesthetics will use Morpheus 8, an advanced microneedling device to deliver energy deep into the dermis (the deepest layer of your skin) and enhance scar tightening and scar reduction. The Morpheus 8 fractionally models and contours the face and the body while causing little to no damage to the dermis.

You can expect the RF energy to heat the underlying layers of your skin to tighten it and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Since the RF energy is delivered so deeply into the skin, it can lead to producing dramatic results that you may not be able to achieve with traditional microneedling.

Experience the next stage of microneedling with Morpheus 8 Reach out to Novique Medical Aesthetics at Doylestown, Pennsylvania to schedule a consultation. We also meet the needs of patients from surrounding areas like Horsham, Lansdale or Willow Grove.