A new and improved look is a great way to start the New Year. Novique’s specials will help you get ready for 2022. Check out our HALO special and QWO special, and get great deals for those treatments.

HALO Special with Jenna

HALO Special sale price is at $1175 (original price: $1500). It’s a great deal!

We offer HALO Laser Skin Resurfacing at our Doylestown, Pennsylvania clinic. This is a revolutionary treatment that restores youthful and healthy skin.

What makes Sciton HALO so different compared to other IPLs and lasers that promise to transform your complexion? First, it uses cutting-edge technology, namely hybrid fractional laser (HFL). It is literally two lasers in one with a targeting system that focuses on microscopic treatment zones to maximize clinical results and minimize downtime.

We can erase imperfections visible on the skin’s surface while also targeting damage below the surface that is not visible. With this, you get better, longer-lasting results.

This gold-standard resurfacing treatment delivers results such as:

– Treating fine lines and wrinkles
– Reversing sun damage or dark spots
– Evening out skin tone
– Improving the appearance of enlarged pores
– Improving the appearance of scars

All while leaving your face with an instant glow!

HALO Laser Skin Resurfacing gives patients results they love without the discomfort or downtime they expect. HALO is safe and effective, while providing an enhanced patient experience.

QWO Special Price Promo

Get rid of cellulite for the new year with QWO with a special price of $2000! (Regular price was $3000 for 3 sessions of QWO injections)

QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injectable that treats cellulite. It is clinically proven to improve moderate to severe cellulite often found in the leg and buttocks areas. This non-surgical treatment uses a natural enzyme that dissolves the fibrous septae or tethers that causes cellulite dimples, which results in smoother skin.

This non-surgical cellulite treatment in Doylestown, Pennsylvania is safe and effective for most men and women. Ideal candidates most likely to benefit from this body contouring procedure tend to be:

– At healthy stable weights
– With reasonable skin elasticity
– Have cellulite on their buttocks, hips or thighs

For optimum outcomes we recommend 3 sessions and will set up the ideal treatment schedule to meet each patient’s needs.

Start the New Year right with Novique’s aesthetic services. Schedule a consultation at Novique Medical Aesthetics in Doylestown, PA. Novique also tends to patients from surrounding areas including Horsham, Lansdale, Willow Grove and East Norriton.