Whether you’re single, dating, or married, February is the best time to indulge in a well-deserved pampering session. And if you’re planning on giving your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift, why not opt for something much more opulent and relaxing? Escape the hustle and bustle for a day and immerse yourself in a relaxing experience at Novique Medical Aesthetics and enjoy big discounts too! You’ll love the results and so will your loved ones.


Spread The Love

Looking for the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your besties? Now you can bring a new friend to experience the transformation with Botox, Filler, or Laser Treatment and receive $75 off your next full-price treatment! Say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines, and imperfections, and say hello to a refreshed, rejuvenated you. 

Treat yourself and your friend to the ultimate spa experience and enjoy the many benefits of Botox, Filler, and Laser Treatment at Novique. Full-price treatments of $250 or more get $75 off when a new friend joins you for a treatment. 


Forever Young BBL Laser $375

Give the gift of timeless beauty to your loved one or yourself with Forever Young BBL Laser treatment for only $375! For an even more enhanced experience, add on Botox Facial or Vitamin Microchanneling for just $180 more. 

The Botox Facial smooths out wrinkles and fine lines, while the Vitamin Microchanneling treatment delivers essential nutrients directly to the skin so you can look years younger after only a few treatments! 


Red Rose Glow $150

This February, pamper your skin with the Red Rose Glow facial! This luxurious treatment includes an exfoliating treatment followed by revitalizing hydrating serums with oxygen infusion treatment and hydrojelly mask. The result? A smoother, more radiant complexion.

At just $150, the Red Rose Glow facial is the perfect way to show your skin some love this Valentine’s Day. Say no more dull, tired skin! 


Never Ending Love Facial $325

Looking for the ultimate solution to aging skin? The Never Ending Facial is a must-try anti-aging facial! Experience the many benefits of Oxygen Vitamin Infusion Therapy, Ultrasound infused anti-aging serums, Radio Frequency (for skin tightening and collagen production), and an LED panel for just $325! 

This powerful combination of treatments tightens, hydrates, brightens, and firms your skin, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed, radiant, and revitalized. With the Never Ending Love Facial, you’ll receive the best possible care for your skin, helping you look and feel your best every day. 


Love Your Skin Facial $600

Give your skin some love with the Love Your Skin Facial for only $600! This luxurious facial combines two powerful treatments, Clear and Brilliant Complete and Dermaplaning & DiamondGlow, to give you the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. 

With Clear and Brilliant Complete, you’ll experience a gentle laser treatment that targets fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage, leaving you with a smoother, more radiant complexion. And with Dermaplaning & DiamondGlow, you’ll get the perfect exfoliation, removing dead skin cells, and leaving you with brighter, more youthful-looking skin. 

This combination of treatments is not just a pampering session, but a complete skincare journey that will leave you looking and feeling your best!


Bare & Sexy

Get bare and sexy with our Laser Hair Special – hello silky smooth skin! For a limited time, you can buy one large area laser treatment (Brazilian, arms, legs, back, full face) and get a second small area treatment (lip, chin, underarms, bikini) for 50% OFF.

This is the perfect opportunity to get the summer body you’ve always wanted. Stop shaving and waxing. Time to embrace the long-lasting results with laser hair removal – no pain, no downtime! 


Lip Filler With Jill $575

Whether you want to impress your date this Valentine’s Day or just want to feel beautiful every day, a lip filler with Jill for a full, defined, and irresistible smile will do both. 

Bye bye to small, thin, and uneven lips, and hello to kissable lips! With years of experience, Jill is a master at creating the perfect pout, giving you a youthful, confident, and irresistible smile. At just $575, you’ll get instant results that last for several months. No more touching up your lip liner, no more over-lining, just a gorgeous smile that’s all yours. 


Botox/Dysport $50 OFF When You Buy 45 Units Or More

Get ready for your romantic date this Valentine’s Day with a fresh, youthful look. Right now, you can get Botox or Dysport at $50 off when you buy 45 units or more! You can also bank your Botox or Dysport for just $11.88 per unit.

Worry no more about your wrinkles and fine lines. Whether you’re planning a special night out with your significant other or just want to look and feel younger, Botox or Dysport is the perfect choice!

$100 OFF Filler When You Get 25 Units of Botox or More, $150 OFF 2nd Syringe, and $175 OFF 3rd Syringe

Get ready to turn back the clock and refresh your look with our exclusive Filler offer! This February, enjoy $100 off filler when you purchase 25 units of Botox or more, plus $150 off your second syringe and $175 off your third! 

But that’s not all. Our PRF EZ Gel Plasma Filler is available for just $650 per treatment (regular price $1000-$1200 per treatment) – it’s the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin! 

Our PRF EZ Gel Plasma Filler is safe, natural, and quick, so you can get back to your day with a refreshed and rejuvenated look. This treatment is specially designed for the face and we recommend two treatments for optimal results.


Morpheus 8 Face $550 For 3 Treatments, Face & Neck & Eyes $850 For 3+ Treatments

One of our all-time favorite skin rejuvenation treatments at Novique is on sale! With Morpheus 8, you can achieve an all-around youthful appearance by treating not just your face, but also your neck and eyes. 

Throughout February, you can get 3 treatments of Morpheus 8 for the face for just $550 and 3 treatments for the face, neck, and eyes for just $850. Imagine the huge savings! 

These offers will last until 02/28 only so call us today to book your appointment at Novique Medical Aesthetics. We serve customers in the Philadelphia, Bethlehem, Doylestown, PA, & Bucks County Areas.