With the autumn and winter months come cold and dry weather that can be harsh on the skin, which means it’s time to upgrade your skincare regimen to maintain hydration and moisturization. It is also time to address any underlying issues and conditions in order to restore your skin’s health to optimum levels. At Novique Medical Aesthetics‘ Doylestown, Pennsylvania clinic you can pamper your skin with a variety of treatments including our BBL Hero and Hollywood Lift & Glow Facials.

Give Your Skin the Care It Deserves with BBL Hero

BBL Hero differs from other IPLs and lasers that promise to transform your complexion because it surpasses them in power. Developed by Sciton, this gold-standard resurfacing treatment can help to address skin texture, color and appearance. It is the ideal treatment for conditions such as:

* Sun damage⁣

* Hyperpigmentation⁣

* Acne scarring⁣

* Wrinkles and fine lines⁣

* Dull or uneven skin tone⁣

* Rough or dry skin texture⁣

* Redness⁣

* Rosacea ⁣

* And more

BBL Hero can remove sun damage and decrease fine lines and wrinkles all while leaving your face with an instant glow. It has four times the speed, thrice the peak power, and twice the cooling of other BBL and Sciton products, creating greater capacity to treat more areas quickly and is the world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device on the market. In some cases, treatments to the face and large areas such as back, arms, and legs can be completed in as little as 2-5 minutes

Repair, restore, and protect your skin by combining the top treatments with the top medical grade skincare at Novique Medical Aesthetics.

Give Your Skin the Celebrity Treatment with Our Hollywood Lift & Glow Facial ⁣⁣

Preparing for the holidays? Want to pamper your skin to protect it from cold and dry weather? Our Red Carpet Facials are the must-have treatment whether you have someplace to be or not. 

Our Hollywood Lift & Glow Facial provides rejuvenation by using radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic field energy to stimulate blood flow, collagen production, and lymphatic flow. Followed by a DiamondGlow, oxygen facials and customized jelly mask and LED Light facials.

*DiamondGlow is a next-level skin resurfacing technology that does more than just skim the surface. ⁣⁣

*Oxygen Facials pair anti-aging and acne serums with cool oxygenation to breathe life and clarity back into the skin which increases collagen production to bring out a more youthful complexion.

* LED Light therapy is excellent for your complexion, it can also reduce inflammation, decrease soreness, help heal wounds, increase blood circulation, and more. 

Our Hollywood Lift & Glow Facial has no downtime. You leave looking refreshed and radiant, and ready to go out.⁣⁣


Prepare your skin for autumn and winter weather, schedule a consultation at Novique Medical Aesthetics in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Novique also tends to patients from surrounding areas including Horsham, Lansdale, Willow Grove and East Norriton.