When a small group of blood vessels near the surface of the skin dilate, spider veins appear. While they can be pop up anywhere on the body, they are typically seen on the face and legs. Fortunately, they do not lead to health complications so you don’t have to treat them if they don’t bother you. 

However, if you are concerned by spider veins and would like to improve their appearance, sclerotherapy may be a good option. Keep reading to learn how sclerotherapy works and whether there is any downtime associated with it.

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What is Sclerotherapy?

If you opt for sclerotherapy, you’ll need to refrain from using certain medications like over-the-counter drugs, herbs, and dietary supplements. You’ll also be asked to remove any lotion from your legs prior to treatment. 

Once you’re ready for sclerotherapy, you can expect one of our expert providers to sterilize your injection site and inject special chemicals into your veins. The role of the chemicals is to irritate the blood vessel lining and cause the blood vessel to collapse and stick together. Over time, this treatment will allow the vessel to transform into scar tissue and eventually fade away.

It usually takes less than an hour to complete a sclerotherapy treatment. Although you won’t notice results immediately, you’ll likely enjoy positive changes in your spider veins in three to four months. Your veins will not reappear if they respond to the treatment but new spider veins may still make their debut.

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There is No Downtime with Sclerotherapy 

One of the most noteworthy benefits of sclerotherapy is no downtime. Once you receive treatment, you can resume work and your daily responsibilities right away. If the treatment is successful, you’ll see an improved appearance in your spider veins and younger-looking legs.

Good Candidates for Sclerotherapy 

You may be a good candidate for sclerotherapy if you are between the ages of 30 and 60 and bothered by spider veins. You should have realistic expectations of this treatment and understand that new veins may still form if you undergo it.

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