Let’s be honest. You lead a busy lifestyle. Whether you work, have children to take care of, volunteer, attend social events, or are busy with other commitments, hair removal may be at the bottom of your to-do list. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about shaving, waxing, and/or tweezing anymore.

Laser hair removal has been around for quite some time and can allow you to remove your hair without the hassle or time commitment of shaving and waxing. When we first tell the patient about laser hair removal, they wonder whether it’ll work for their skin type. Keep reading to learn the answer to this question.

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How Laser Hair Removal Works

At Novique Medical Aesthetics, we perform laser hair removal treatments with the Aerolase LightPod Neo laser. This laser has the ability to deeply penetrate light energy into your skin. When this happens, your hair follicles absorb the light energy and allow for painless, efficient hair removal.

After each treatment, you can enjoy a 15 to 30 percent reduction in hair loss. We recommend laser hair removal treatment to get rid of unwanted hair on the face, legs, underarms, chest, back, and bikini line. 

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Good Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

One of the greatest benefits of laser hair removal via the Neo laser is that is safe and effective for all skin types. Even if you have tanned or darker skin, you can enjoy incredible results. Laser hair removal is a great option if you are tired of traditional hair removal methods and looking for an easy, effective way to get rid of unwanted hair on various areas of your face and body.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

While laser hair removal is a quick treatment that offers long-lasting results, it is not always permanent. The good news is that when the hair does grow back, it’ll be thinner, finer, and fewer in number. We typically recommend one laser hair removal session every 4 to 8 weeks. Most patients obtain ideal results in about 6 sessions, but we welcome you to return for additional treatments until you have achieved optimal results.

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If you have further questions about laser hair removal or are wondering if you’re a good candidate for it, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at Novique Medical Aesthetics in Doylestown, PA. Call us at 267-899-5020 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to meeting you!