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Peptide therapy has increased in popularity in recent years. Peptides are naturally occurring amino acids that offer a variety of benefits. They can resolve hormone imbalances, boost energy, enhance mental clarity, reduce inflammation, and so much more. 

Here at Novique Medical Aesthetics, we are pleased to offer peptide therapy to men and women from all walks of life. Once we learn more about your symptoms and goals, we can recommend the ideal peptides.

Types of Peptides

Here’s a brief overview of the different types of peptides we have available.

BPC 157 Peptide Therapy Doyestown

BPC 157

BPC 157 is made up of 15 amino acids and can accelerate the healing of various wounds. It’s ideal if you suffer from discomfort that stems from muscle sprains and tears.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


Bremelanotide is a synthetic peptide developed from Melanotan. It can treat low libido for men and women, erectile dysfunction, and hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


CJC-1295 is a 30 amino acid peptide hormone that has been shown to increase protein synthesis, promote lipolysis / fat loss, and improve sleep quality. It can also do wonders for immunity, increase lean muscle mass, and accelerate injury recovery.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


Ibutamoren is a potent, non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptor and a growth hormone secretagogue. It mimics the growth hormone (GH) and supports joint health, increases energy and endurance, supports cognitive performance and joint health, and increases IGF-1.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide and a ghrelin mimetic with growth hormone (GH) releasing activity. It increases collagen production, improves cellular repair, improves appetite stimulation and cellular repair, and counteracts glucocorticoid catabolic effects.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


Sermorelin is a peptide analogue of growth hormone releasing hormone. It accelerates wound healing, increases lean body mass, boosts cardiovascular and immune function, and improves skin quality.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


AOD-9604 works to increase the body’s metabolism. This peptide promotes lipolysis without affecting blood sugar or tissue growth. In addition to increased metabolism, AOD-9604 works to prevent lipogenesis, or fat accumulation. Positive effects are also proven for bone and cartilage repair, proving useful for individuals with arthritis used as a topical cream or Intra-articular joint injection.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


Dihexa is a neuropeptide that has been found to improve cognitive function. Benefits may include improved short and long term memory, brain focus and ability to manage depression.  It has been used in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. 

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


GHK-Cu is a peptide which works to stimulate collagen production, skin elasticity as well as reduce redness and inflammation. GHK-Cu can also accelerate wound healing, reduce hyperpigmentation and skin spots. For best results recommended to use in combination with peels such as Enlighten or Cosmelan.  It’s been known to increase hair growth and hair follicle size.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


Thyomosin Beta-4 is known for its immune strengthening properties. In addition to increased immunity, this peptide can improve joint and tissue repair as well as increase endurance and strength. It is used to improve joint and tissue repair, aid in treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme Disease.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


Zinc Thymulin is a peptide that has been used for the treatment of hair loss. Topical treatment of this peptide can lead to an increase in hair growth over 6 months with no systemic or local side effects! It has been used to both improve hair growth and prevent loss and improve hair pigmentation.  It is safe for both sexes and best results are achieved in combination with other treatments such as PRP/ACell injections.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


Semax is a nasal spray peptide that works to improve cognitive function and blood circulation. In addition to these benefits, Semax has been shown to protect the nervous system from oxidative damage. It has been used to regulate Attention, process of learning and memory in conditions including ADHD, stroke and Alzheimer’s.

Peptide Therapy Doylestown


Thymosin Alpha-1 is an excellent immune modulator that contains thymosin, a small protein produced by the thymus gland. It modulates immune function and inflammation, improves chronic fatigue, suppresses tumor growth, increases vaccine effectiveness, and eliminates unhealthy cells.

What Results Will I See?

Peptide therapy comes with a “loading” period of 3 to 6 months. They differ from synthetic growth hormones that come with negative side effects because they are natural and can be used for as long as you’d like with minimal to no side effects. 

  • Increased immunity.
  • Greater energy.
  • Less joint pain.
  • Improved sexual health.
  • A better night’s sleep.
  • Faster wound healing. 

How Long Does a Typical Peptide Treatment Take?

During your consultation, Dr. Levinstein will prescribe peptides at a dosage fit to your specific needs and goals. Your peptides will likely come in oral pills, nasal spray or injectable form using tiny syringes and be provided to you by a specialty compounding  pharmacy.

Am I a Good Candidate for Peptide Therapy?

  • If you would like to correct hormone imbalances.
  • If you hope to increase immunity.
  • If you wish to have more energy and reduce fatigue.
  • If you hope to improve sexual health.
  • If you are facing joint pain.
  • If you want to recover from your injury safely and efficiently. 
  • If you would like to look and feel younger 
  • If you would like loose weight

Is There Any Downtime with Peptide Therapy?

There is no downtime with peptide therapy so you can resume work and your daily activities right away. 

Simply fill out the form on this page, and one of our experienced team members will reach out to you promptly to schedule your consultation.

What an amazing experience. From the second I walked in the building I was welcomed and greeted by the very friendly staff. The place absolutely beautiful and it s nothing like I experienced before.The first thing I had done it was a salt facial with a beautiful Lori. I don’t want to go to every detail, but it felt great. My next stop was to meet nurse Jackie .She took her time to listen my concerns and addressed every issue I had . I was surprised how careful she was and painless procedure was. I could see results right away. She asked me not to do more then I needed and did not push me to get something extra . Usually it s the other way around….. Thank you girls. See you soon !!

– Galina

*Individual Results May Vary

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